UnderstandingMarketing.com launches PR Toolkit™ For Small Businesses

Note: John Sternal was interviewed on Connecting Women Radio discussing PR tips and advice. Sternal also discussed his PR Toolkit. Sternal also offered a discount for our listeners. Be sure to listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/connectingwomen.

DIY Resource Helps Small Businesses Generate Publicity For Increased Sales

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (FEBRUARY 25, 2009) – Realizing that millions of small businesses need help promoting their products/services but can’t afford to hire a PR agency, Sternal Consulting, an independent marketing and PR consultancy, today launched the PR Toolkit™, an affordable new e-Book to help companies generate their own publicity and increase sales and profits.

Authored by John Sternal, a seasoned PR professional of nearly 20 years, the new PR Toolkit is available through http://understandingmarketing.com, a Web site that offers marketing and PR advice for the small business owner. The PR Toolkit provides insight into how small businesses can leverage the power of public relations to promote their companies and generate bigger profits.

“As a small business owner it’s really important to build ‘buzz’ and get people talking about me, but I don’t have the budget to buy lots of ads or hire a PR firm,” said DeAnna Lorraine, professional dating and relationship coach. “John’s advice has really helped me generate a lot of publicity for my services and I’m now appearing on local and national news shows regularly.”

The Small Business Administration is continuously worried over the state of smaller companies today. With lending harder to come by, a more cost-effective approach to marketing and PR is sorely needed, which is where the PR Toolkit can benefit every small business.

Serving as an all-in-one DIY resource, the PR Toolkit shows the small business owner how to easily identify creative angles and topics for stories, write a compelling press release, develop email pitches that get reporters’ attention, and to build useful and lasting relationships with reporters. The PR Toolkit also includes free resources for getting a press release published in search engines and on news wires, and how to get stories placed in online news sites. Small businesses can even learn how to use social media like Twitter and Facebook for publicity.

The PR Toolkit is now on sale for $29.99 and available for easy download at http://understandingmarketing.com.

About UnderstandingMarketing.com

Available on the Web at http://understandingmarketing.com, the site provides “Do-It-Yourself” information that enables small businesses to successfully develop marketing and PR campaigns that generate more customers without having to pay for an expensive agency.

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