Quotes of the Week

I asked my Twitter followers (known as Tweeps) what were their favorite quotes on "Empowerment".

I got some awesome responses. Enjoy!

  • Mental and physical preparedness is empowerment" - Stephanie Behers. (submitted by @MallaryTytel ).
  • "If you want to become a 'powerful' person, you must empower others" - @teenbizcoach.
  • "A beginning starts today"- Mary Wollenscroft. (submitted by @ElleAndraWarner).
  • "Each choice gives you a chance to pave your own road"- Oprah. (submitted by @ElleAndraWarner).
  • "The earth's most precious natural resource is truly a rare find. As it changes by the second it is that of our time"- @teenbizcoach.

Enjoy these quotes! You can also click on the bold names to go to their Twitter page.

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