Darryle Pollack: All About Cluttercast

Darryle Pollack, of Cluttercast.com, was interviewed on Connecting Women Radio, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/connectingwomen/2009/07/03/Connecting-Women
Below, Pollack defines cluttercast and how she started it.

What is Cluttercast?

Clutter: n a confused multitude of things
Cast : v to send forth, to shed
Clutter + Cast = To shed or send forth a confused multitude of things

Every year, Darryle Pollack made the same New year’s resolution: to clear out her clutter. This year, 2009-- she made the same resolution with a twist, and started a blog:

Clutter is complicated. Not just the clutter itself, but why we collect it. I thought it would be easier to let go of my clutter if I knew where it was going. And that’s the story behind Cluttercast.

I post pictures of my clutter, and tell the stories behind each item. People comment if they want something, and then I give it all away to someone who wants it. It’s a way to give some goodwill out into the universe at a time when people want to help others but don’t always have ways to do that. It’s a great solution for clutter. Plus it helps the environment and the economy and everyone wins.

The items are eclectic and the stories are entertaining----and range from a brand new HP Printer, to a pink Prada bag, to a live toad made into a change purse. Lots of the people who get the items, called Cluttercatchers, send back pictures of themselves which Darryle also posts on the site.
Darryle encourages other people to do the same thing, and Cluttercast links to other people who cluttercast on their own websites. She hopes cluttercasting will become more common--- as more people connect through clutter.

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