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Not many people know about the BRCA gene, listen to Stephanie Robin's interview on Connecting Women Radio: Stephanie Robin is on a mission to inform as many people on the BRCA gene. Stephanie wants to at least one million visitors to be informed about the BRCA gene. Go to Think Pink Rocks and the upper right hand corner of the site, Click to Be Counted. Be sure to read and become an informed citizen on the BRCA gene.

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THINK PINK ROCKS Invites You to Click and Be Counted (Cause) -


  1. A moving, touching interview! I had not heard of the BRCA gene before your interview with Stephanie Robin. Thank you for inviting her to speak about such important information. She's inspired me to look deeper into mine and my husband's family history - for my sake and that of my children.

  2. Always amazes me what I learn. Thank you Stephanie! God bless!



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