*** CRAZY CLEANING CONFESSIONS*** Are You A Crazy Cleaner?

What is your cleaning profile? Are you proud of your cleaning habits? Or are they so unusual and comical you might be afraid to reveal them?

Cleaning experts say there are several major cleaning profiles including:

* One step ahead of the dirt pile

* Average, organized cleaners

* Queens of Clean

* Unusual and Humorous – bordering on Crazy Cleaners

Many women have tips they’ve learned from their mothers and grandmothers – although they might require more time and effort, they are supposed to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Some use unusual products to clean common household stains. While others may use unique cleaning tools and ideas that will sweep you away!

So what type of Crazy Cleaner are you? Noted Expert on Cleaning Dirt & Grime, Amy Clark, will help you decide. She’ll also surprise you with her unique cleaning ideas and advice. Amy is the founder of MomAdvice.com, a community for women looking for ways to stay organized, stay sane and stay within their budget especially when it comes to saving on energy and water to lower utility bills.

She’ll also tell you about a new contest going on now – the Crazy Cleaning Confessions Contest – where you can vote on the winning video where people confess their crazy cleaning habits and demonstrate them – showing some of the most extreme cleaning measures you’ll ever see! You’ll get a laugh out of these crazy videos and will be helping the environment and our communities at the same time – Kenmore will donate $10,000 as well as 50 cents for each video viewed (up to $25,000 for the total donation) to the Jane Goodall Institute for use in its programs.

Listen to Connecting Women Radio, this Thursday night Sept. 17th 9 p.m. CST for more on the Crazy Cleaning Confessions.

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