Jon and Kate: Thoughts....

First I must say I started watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight about a year and a half ago. I was on maternity leave, and the my schedule for about a month was in shambles. I was never a real TV watcher, but when you can't sleep, channel surfing becomes your brainless activity of choice.

I was intrigued by this show that depicted this couple and their twin girls and sextuplets. Not sure exactly why I was first intrigued, perhaps it could have been the two day marathon on TLC that drew me in and in two days I was pretty much caught up on their fun activities.

Of course I could have been drawn in by the fact that Kate seemed to always be in control of her eight children. Here I was at home with one new born, and I didn't feel in control. After all, I was always in control of my work environment. Control was my forte. Now that I was out of my element and out of control, my new inspiration came from a lady, Kate, that seemed to manage eight children with what, I observed, minimal help.

And then a bit over a year of watching, it all started to crumble for Jon and Kate. Though people would comment about how "mean and controlling" Kate was, and how "lazy and aloof" Jon was, I thought somehow they balanced each other. They were two data points on the opposites of the spectrum. So all that bickering on TV just reinforced to me, that somehow this bizarre relationship worked for them. Not really sure how, but it worked. I was obviously wrong.

Would I be wrong to also say, that this break up, though it will have a negative impact to the children, is a lot more entertaining than the actual show? I know, I feel horrible for saying that, but it's true. I'm not the only one that thinks that, millions of viewers agree. The rating for the show has increased after the announcement of the divorce.

So I pose the questions that I am often asked: "Who do you think is right? Jon, for wanting the children off the TV show? Or Kate, for wanting to be able to support the children financially?"

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