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This month on, the largest online news destination for singleistas, readers will learn the top tips for successful holiday travel from Escapes Editor Melanie Nayer. Whether it’s how to best navigate crowded airports, vacation bargain hunting and surviving long road trips with the kids, readers will learn how to brave the holiday travel season successfully.  
For those flying over the Thanksgiving holiday, Nayer suggest being flexible with travel dates. Some of the larger airlines (US Air, United, Delta and Continental) are charging an extra $10 for holiday fares, but if travelers can leave a few days before Thanksgiving (Sun-Tuesday), you can avoid some extra charges, and a lot of extra chaos at the airport.
Some quick tips for holiday travel:
For Singles: Pack light, Ladies. The easiest way to get through security this holiday season is to bring next to nothing. Mix-and-match outfits are your best accessory. Hint: Banana Republic has some great non-wrinkle black dresses for under $100 that travel well, and can be worn during the day or for a nice night out.
For Parents: There's nothing wrong with a little bribe. What's more stressful than making your way through airport security with the kids in tow mid-meltdown? Keeping the kids from kicking the back of the airplane seat during the coast-to-coast flight. Have a new toy, new book, or 'surprise' in one of your carry-ons to keep kids occupied and excited for the flight. 
Involve the kids on holiday travel planning: If you're prepping for a road trip to Grandma's house this holiday season, let the kids help plan the trip. Assigning 'projects' keeps them involved and excited for the long car ride. In addition, let them each choose one car game that they want, and can only be opened once you're on your way. It will get the kids pumped for the ride, and keep them busy.
Also featured in November on, just in time for Black Friday, readers can get tips on setting a budget for holiday shopping. Think heart not head, when it comes to gift giving, says’s money maven, Martin Brown. Give from a place of love, Brown says. The amount of money put toward a gift is not as powerful a factor as the simple expression of caring.
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