Build Your Chart

Kaira Sturdivant Rouda spoke on Connecting Women Radio: discussing personal branding and building your chart.

Here is Kaira's chart that can be adapted to you with your goals and needs:

Kaira also provides an interactive chart that you can actually print out after you complete it:

Resource: Smile Illinois!

Smile Illinois! is a dental clinic that have mobile dentists--meaning they travel to schools and other places to give children an in-school dental check-ups. They are in compliance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Surgeon General guidelines.

Preventive services include:
  • Dental exams/screening
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride and Fluoride Varnish
  • Sealants
Smile Illinois accepts all children, regardless of insurance status--grant-assistance is available. For those who are covered with Medicaid and All Kids, plus other types of dental insurances can use Smile Illinois.

If you may be interested in using this service for your child(ren), I would suggest calling your child's school to get more information.

Note: I haven't ever used this service. I thought I would pass this as a resource for those who might need it or know of someone who may use this.

Back to School Moms!

When it comes to back to school, most news coverage focuses on getting the kids prepared for the new school year, but what about the newest population of students…Moms?

In these uncertain times, a record number of moms will go back to college this fall to advance current careers, find new job options, and seize opportunities to contribute more to household finances during a recession. In fact, Kaplan University has seen a 34% increase in moms enrolling first quarter of 2009 versus just a year ago.

How do the families of college moms cope? A group of courageous moms at Kaplan University (, where nearly 75% of students are women and the average student age is 34, share their tips for juggling family, work and school in a Web 2.0 world. These moms have recently graduated from or are currently enrolled in the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Management, Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Master of Science in Nursing Education, Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting and Dental Assisting Diploma.

1. Gain the support of friends and family. We all need cheerleaders to successfully accomplish the many things moms do in any single day.

2. When you go back to school supply shopping for the kids, don’t forget your own supplies for online studying like printer ink and paper, a spare battery pack for the laptop and flash drives.

3. Prepare meals for the week on Sunday. Whether it’s a hearty soup, lasagna or a casserole, make meals that are filling and easy to take out of the freezer and reheat quickly.

4. Work as a team. Show the kids that running a family requires team effort and that your schoolwork is important too. Let them pitch in to help out with family chores.

5. Remind your significant other that he may need to brush up on his math and science skills because you will need him to help the kids out with homework.

6. Before you sit at your computer, take 15 minutes to do some stretching and/or a few sit-ups. Get the adrenaline pumping so that you are ready to commit to a few solid hours to studying and homework.

7. Instill in your children the value of making sacrifices. Teach them that hard work has positive results.

8. For those single moms or stay at home moms who sometimes have to do it alone, it’s ok to occasionally let the television be the babysitter when you have deadlines to meet. Don’t be too worried about it, as public and cable television have great, quality programs throughout the day that are educational.

9. Keep the faith. Everyone has their ups and downs, and sometimes, there are more downs than ups. At the end of the day you can still do this. Remind yourself how much your education means to you and of the future benefits it will bring to your entire family.

10. Plan some alone time, even if it’s a 20 minute soak in the tub to relax after the children are in bed.

11. If you have an infant at home, read your text book out loud. You’ll get your course reading done and soothe the baby to sleep at the same time.

12. Initiate a mutual reward system with your children. If they receive an A on a test, they get to pick a prize from mom. If mom gets the A, she gets to pick a prize from the kids!

Courtesy of : Ann-Marie Nieves
Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications, Inc.

Freebie: Flat Rate Boxes

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is giving away supplies of Flat Rate Boxes. Go to to receive a free supply of Flat Rate Boxes.

Contest: Shower Her With Thanks

From organizing your bridal shower, to reviewing 47 napkin choices, to dancing with that obnoxious groomsman, brides depend on a small army of friends and family to help keep their wedding together. Here’s a chance to thank them.

The simplehuman “shower her with thanks” campaign will award five lovely and deserving wedding helpers with a shower makeover. They helped organize the bridal shower; now brides can thank them by organizing a shower of their own – literally!

Brides-to-be can nominate their friends on simplehuman by Aug. 14 in hopes of winning of our brand new shampoo and soap dispensers.

Here’s the link to the contest:

A Little About Grilling

Grilling has always been a family activity in our household. You would find DH, myself, my parents, preparing food for grilling and other foods like salads and drinks. Grilling takes patience because it is a lot slower than our modern ovens. To grill properly, one must have a working grill and also some grilling tools, or at least that is what I call them (the spatula, fork, knife, tongs, and more).

Tea Wicker and More sells everything from patio furniture to grills. I love their site because of the variety of products they have as well as the price range. There is a little something for everyone. TWM will be sending me the Picnic Time - Fiero Picnic BBQ Set for review.

The review will be posted at Global Arts. Once it is posted there, I will be sure to let you know here.

Giveaway: Venus Package

Dr. Rebecca Booth of The Venus Week: Discover the powerful secret of your any age is offering a special giveaway to our readers. Dr. Booth's interview:

One lucky reader will recieve:

  • a copy of The Venus Week
  • a Venus Envy Tee Shirt (one size)
  • one dark chocolate bar

How do you win these awesome products? Post a comment on how YOU take care of yourself through proper dieting, exercising or even giving beauty tips. Deadline is Aug. 20th, where the winner will be announced at

Pocketville Offers Voucher Code

Pocketville,, is offering a special voucher code for your child to purchase items for their virtual pet at the Pocketville Pet Supplies Store.

Special offering:

Voucher Code: B9GX8NUDYS

Valid for 250 Pocketville Tokens

Expires: September 30, 2009

Encourage other readers to stop by and enjoy this special savings.


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