SELF Magazine Women Doing Good Awards-nomination opportunity

SELF Magazine is looking for the next "Women Doing Good".  Enter or nominate someone for the 3rd annual  2010 SELF Women Doing Good Award.

The search is on to find the most extraordinary women who are working hard and are determined to make a difference, whether it is within their community, environmentally, medically‹the sky is the limit!

The winners will receive a $10,000 donation for their respective charity or organization, be featured in the September issue of SELF, and honored at an awards dinner in New York City.

The contest ends March 30, 2010. Go hear to learn about the contest or enter: .

ABOUT 2009 Winners: 

  • Erin Sprague, Lindsay Guetschow, and Beth Ann
  • Levandoski.

SELF honored the winners at an amazing celebration dinner gala at the Museum
of Modern Art in New York, hosted by Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

Self VP and publisher Kimberly Kelleher, editrix Lucy Danziger, Burt's Bees'
Jayni Chase (yes, that's Chevy Chase's wife) and Mike Indursky, and Kashi's
Michelle Escala all gave inspiring speeches to the honorees.

Sprague's charity, In The Running, is based on her experience as the
youngest woman to run seven marathons of seven continents. The organization
advocates for seven selected organizations, each of which impacts
humanitarian and environmental challenges facing each continent and the
global community--from improving the quality of life for AIDS-infected women
to fighting poverty in impoverished areas and preserving ecosystems.

Guetschow, in addition to acting as the director of outreach for, founded Cool Globes, a public art project touring
throughout the United States consisting of seven-foot tall globes that
demonstrate simple solutions to help stop global warming.

Levendoski is the president, executive director, and co-founder of the
Tierra Miguel Foundation, an organization that informs and educates the
community on the value of local sustainable agricultural practices and grows
certified organic fruits and vegetables, using Bio-Dynamic agricultural
preparations on its 85-acre working produce farm.


  1. When are 2010 winners announced or notified??

  2. Stacia is a beautiful giving honorable & noble woman. Stacia’s always willing to lend a hand at any cost to those in need, especially with selflessness & unwavering devotion. She & a few volunteers founded the currently non-paid volunteer Faithful Heart Foundation. The foundation arose out of dire need in order to assist a friend in crucial need of a heart transplant, due to a virus that took over Faith Tennant's heart. Stacia & volunteers including myself organized fundraisers, aided in continual donations, worked tirelessly at 60 hour shifts with no sleep, networked, to ensure the successful wealth fare of the all inclusive mission for the Tennants & community organizing. What started out as a family call to help has amazingly grown into an all inclusive means to help countless others & inspire public unity without competition through compassionate good will. She is an ordained minister & a successful life/business coach. Stacia's commitment to everyone's well being is beyond reproach. I've personally witnessed numerous acts of kindness without expectation of payment during her coaching. She has given her time, empathy, love, deep appreciation & spirituality to society/humanity profuse times without asking for anything in return. She continues on a daily basis to do whatever she can within her power to make the world a better place. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to volunteer side by side with this courageous & caring woman. I've witnessed so many miracles that I've lost count! However, they've not gone unrecognized by me, the people directly helped & those around us. Nor has any miracle lost its value regardless of its anonymity. There's too much enlightening information to list here; Stacia consistently demonstrates what she teaches & in spite of her own serious health challenges. She will not allow the mission to be jeopardized. Stacia communicated in a recent conversation with Ruby Gettinger from the Style Network; "that it is only in uniting together in singular purpose that we can heal all those affected by the challenged social economic collapse. We recognize beyond a shadow of a doubt that the trans-formative solution will not come from anything or anyone except ourselves. We are THE ANSWER. Faithful Heart & other great nonprofit global organizations offer an empowered alternative, through the unlimited power of compassionate goodwill. We stand convicted that it is our divine privilege & true mission to help one another through the heart inspired purpose we share." Stacia has also respectively said to Bon Jovi, Marianne Williamson & media, "Besides being a parent there is no other function mightier than to contribute to the unselfish well being of one another." Again, I am a part of the front line volunteer alliance, which truly & laudably encourages global community transformation. I am profoundly appreciative for every opportunity to join Stacia as she passionately motivates a cooperative spirit to respond favorably with charitable actions. Please contact me because it is in my heart to share this miraculous story as it unfolds.



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