Special Discount! is a vibrant community dedicated to introducing women and inspiring friendship in cities across the country.  We are the only online community that matches women into small local groups to meet potential friends in meaningful, safe, effective and fun ways with others in the same area and age (we introduce women from 21-75)

No matter your style, personality or schedule, GirlFriendCircles provides lots of different ways to meet potential friends and foster those friendships. Initially, we’ll invite you into a ConnectingCircle at a local café to meet 3-5 other women in a safe, structured, fun and comfortable manner so you can best determine who you most “click” with. And from there, you’ll have access to our community profiles, member-initiated events and classifieds in order to foster the friendships that work best for you!

The code CONNECT for the 20% discount will be good through April at for the 6 month membership options. *We never charge upon sign-up, only upon matching so should any of your members join from a new location— they will actually be notified that they will receive a free 3 month membership when we do launch in their area! 

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