Paula Deen in Search for Super Fan

Paula Deen is in search for the “Real Women of Philadelphia,” an 8-week casting call for fantastic female cooks, culminating in 16 finalists being flow to Savannah to cook for judges including Paula herself!

 Paula Deen is on the hunt for one super-fan from the community to also come to Savannah to be a part of this project!  The winning lady will act as the “Voice” of the community for the cook-off.  She will receive an all expense paid trip to Savannah to spend time with Paula and the finalists and act as the behind-the-scenes ambassador for the entire four days!
Here’s how the super-fan can get involved, and get herself noticed!
 *   On Facebook:  Create Facebook Shares and posts about the site, Paula’s videos, and the videos in the recipe gallery - make sure that when you post to Facebook you put an "@" sign before the word "Philadelphia' so we can see it on our Facebook –
 *   On Twitter:  Tweet about Real Women of Philadelphia and add in the hash tag #RWOP at the end of your tweets.  Philly is on Twitter at
 *   Or just retweets Paula’s videos and videos from all the girls in the Recipes gallery
 *   Leave comments on videos on the site (quality, not quantity!)

To read the official rules of this Voices of RWoP contest, click HERE.
Visit to find out more about the Real Women of Philadelphia cooking competition, the search for #17 and to share recipes and tips with other real-life cooks.

Contest ends June 27, 2010.

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