WITI Announces Event Schedule for Annual Women and Technology Summit September 12-14, 2010 in San Jose, CA

WITI (Women In Technology International), the world’s leading professional organization for professional tech savvy women will truly inspire “Collaboration, Strategy and Growth” through hands-on presentations and panel discussions at the Annual WITI Women and Technology Summit in San Jose, CA, September12-14, 2010.
Top technology and business leaders in Clean/Green Tech, Cloud, Mobile, Search, Social Media, and Business teach WITI Summit attendees how to capture and target more customers, build stronger relationships with existing customers and take advantage of the applications and tools to build a stronger web presence, increase revenue and streamline costs for their companies.
WITI represents the ideal market for business networking – CIOs, executive women and men, as well as leaders in technology from around the world converge at WITI’s Annual Women and Technology Summit to discuss and collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges, and explore new business opportunities.
Highlights of the Annual WITI Women and Technology Summit include:

o   Keynote Speakers
·      Sandy Carter, VP, SOA & WebSphere Strategy, Channels & Marketing, IBM
·      Bernadette Nixon, SVP Global Field Marketing, CA
·      Nilofer Merchant, Entrepreneur, CEO & Chief Strategist, Rubicon Consulting
·      Kathrin Winkler, Chief Sustainability Officer, EMC

o   The 15th Annual WITI Hall of Fame Awards
·      Honoring key women innovators from science and technology on Monday, September 13th. This year’s honorees are: Sandy Carter of IBM, Dr. Ruth David of Analytic Services, Inc., Dr. Adele Goldberg, Dr. Susie Wee of Hewlett Packard and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Katie Boehret, Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

o   WITI NextGen
·      At this Young Women’s micro conference on September 13, 2010, leading women from technology will teach, mentor and share with 20 middle school and high school girls to encourage the pursuit of careers in technology. The day will feature career, leadership and mentoring panels and workshops, as well as the opportunity to share and have lunch with distinguished WITI Hall of Fame Honorees.

o   The WITI Foundation Executive Auction and VIP Reception
·      Provides an opportunity to network and bid on one-to-one meetings with the top executives of companies such as GEICO, Symantec, eBay, Genentech, McKesson and Charles Schwab. Auction items include packages such as an executive lunch or dinner meeting with Mr. Randy Spratt of McKesson at a Bay Area restaurant of the winner’s choice; plus an iPod Nano, American Express gift card and tickets to the September 16 San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The Executive Auction is the WITI Foundation’s annual fundraiser and closes the Annual WITI Summit on the evening of September 14, 2010.

o   The World Café

·      Led by Dr. Anne Adams, a world-class Coach and Leader, this event is a transformative process, using everything learned about catalytic process technologies, designed to help identify collective intelligence, co-creativity and discover new solutions to challenges.
“The 2010 WITI Women and Technology Summit and WITI Hall of Fame Awards together underscore the many significant contributions to the advancement of technology made by women through out the world,” said Carolyn Leighton, Founder/Chairwoman of WITI.
WITI’s Annual Women and Technology Summit will be held September 12-14 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. The 15th Annual WITI Hall of Fame Awards Gala will take place Monday, September 13, 2010 at 6pm.
To learn more about the WITI -Women in Technology Summit, group rates, and to register for this event, please visit:http://WITI.com/Summit

 About WITI
WITI is the world's leading trade association for professional women committed to using technology, resources and connections to advance women worldwide. With a global network of talented leading women across all sectors of the technology industry and a market reach exceeding 2 million, WITI has established powerful strategic alliances and programs to provide connections, resources, and opportunities within a supportive environment of women committed to advancing each other. WITI's mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity. For more information, please visit http://witi.com.

Speakers and Panelists include (more will be added):
·      Carolyn Leighton, Founder/Chairwoman, WITI
·      Anne Adams, Ph.D., President, ACS
·      Vanessa Alvarez, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
·      Brian Bershad, Site Director, Google
·      Anne Bezancon, Founder & President, Placecast
·      Colleen Bisconti, Marketing Program Director, IBM
·      Marie Bjerede, Vice President of Wireless Education Technology, Qualcomm
·      Dr. Cheemin Bo-Linn, Chief Executive Officer, Peritus Partners
·      Cathy Brooks, Founder, otherthanthat.com
·      Sandy Carter, VP, Software Business Partners, IBM
·      Emilie Choi, Corporate Development, LinkedIn
·      Kathy Chou, VP, PSG Americas Sales Strategy & Operations, Hewlett Packard
·      Laura Anne Edwards, Founder Alura Entertainment
·      Lauren Flaherty, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper
·      Lisa Garza, Market Manager, Service Provider Mobility Marketing, Cisco
·      Wanda Gass, TI Fellow / DSP Architect, Texas Instruments
·      Bernard Golden, CEO, HyperStratus
·      Nat Goldhaber, Managing Director, Claremont Creek Ventures
·      Ayalla Goldschmidt, Program Director, Application Infrastructure Marketing, IBM
·      Melody Haller, CEO, Antenna Group
·      Christine Herron, Principal, First Round Capital
·      Sally Jenkins, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Symantec
·      Duy Loan Le, Senior Fellow, Texas Instruments
·      Sophia Lopez, BPM Product Marketing Manager, Process Modeling, IBM
·      Melendy Lovett, President, Education Technology, Texas Instruments
·      Joel Makower, Executive Editor, GreenBiz.com
·      Nancy Margulies, Co-Developer, The World Café
·      Melinda Matthews, Software Executive Channels, IBM
·      Laurie McCabe, Co-founder and Partner, SMB Group
·      Amanda McConnell, Director, User Experience & Product Marketing, ReachLocal
·      Chirag Mehta, Office of the CEO, SAP
·      Nilofer Merchant, Entrepreneur, CEO & Chief Strategist, Rubicon Consulting
·      KL Moore, Image Consultant, KL Image Group
·      Bernadette Nixon, SVP, Global Field Marketing and Programs, CA Technologies
·      Adrian Ott, Author, CEO & Founder, Exponential Edge, Inc.
·      Jean Pawluk, Chief Architect, Visa 
·      Michelle Price, CEO, A Third Mind Digital Media
·      Melissa Jun Rowley, Cause Correspondent, WhatGivers!?
·      Dr. Miriam Reiss, DSS, MCC, SpiritedMarketing.com
·      Michelle Robbins, Director of Technology, Third Door Media
·      Patricia Santamaria, Smart Work Demand Program Marketing Manager, IBM
·      Paula Satow, Founder, Satow Strategies LLC
·      Ann Saydah, General Business and Channel Sales, IBM
·      Judy Shaw, Director, Advanced Module Development External Development and Manufacturing, Texas Instruments
·      Becky Swain, Program Manager, IT Risk Management, Cisco
·      Joey Tamer, Consultant, Expert, JoeyTamer.com
·      Chenxi Wang, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.
·      R "Ray" Wang, Partner for Enterprise Strategy, Altimeter Group
·      James Watters, Sr. Manager, vCloud Solutions, VMware
·      Ghennipher Weeks, Co-Founder, Applied Connectioneering, Inc
·      Bill Weihl, Green Energy Czar, Google
·      Lizzie Widhelm, Vice President of Sales West Coast, Pandora
·      Lorie Wigle, General Manager of Eco-Technology, Intel
·      Kathrin Winkler, Chief Sustainability Officer, EMC
·      Teresa Zobrist, President & CEO, Zobrist Consulting Group

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