Boomer Babes Celebrations on 10/10/10 in 11 Cities Worldwide

Boomer Babes are sassy, spunky, savvy baby boomer women (born between 1946 and 1964) who are living their lives with purpose, passion, meaning and fun. Boomer Babe Marjorie Paul is celebrating all Boomer Babes on 10/10/10 and was also instrumental in getting Oakland, California to proclaim that October 10th is Boomer Babes Celebration Day.

Paul is planning a Boomer Babes Celebrations in the SF/Bay Area, as well in 10 other cities worldwide, including New York, Portland (OR), DC/MD, Los Angeles, Nassau (Bahamas), Hong Kong and Sydney (Australia). Each celebration will be slightly different from a morning walk/run on a Canal in DC to a wild evening celebration in the Bahamas. All celebrations will honor/toast each other and Boomer Babes worldwide, recite a special Boomer Babes Credo/Pledge, and be joyful and fun!m
Boomer Babes Celebrations will start at 1:00PM (Pacific Time).

For additional information contact: or 510-435-3022
Boomer Babes Celebrations will ROCK the world on 10/10/10!

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