Day 19: Breast Cancer Relief Foundation Provides Financial Assistance

pink ribbonImage via WikipediaOften times, when does not realize how expensive treatments and preventions may be due to breast cancer.  Some may not have strong health care coverage, or any at all, or some may not have emergency savings.  As part of the posting a day right here on Connecting Women, I am looking for resources, information, donations, anything to do with making readers aware of this disease.

I came on to Breast Cancer Relief Foundation.  Although, I don't much about this Foundation, I found it interesting to me because the Foundation provides financial assistance to low income people diagnosed with breast cancer.  "These funds are granted to cancer treatment institutions /hospitals that treat breast cancer patients. This program is administered by the institution’s social services to assist patients with costs associated with treatment while away from home," written on the Breast Cancer Relief Foundation's site.

I highly recommend you passing the name of the Foundation to a loved one who needs financial assistance, and even making a donation to a great cause.  Visit Breast Cancer Relief Foundation for more information on their financial assistance program.
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