Day 26: Boobalas: Thinking Outside the Bra

Darryle Pollack, an artist, who interviewed on Connecting Women Radio, is now selling Boobalas, "the ultimate extensiopn of my mosaic art, and as a breast cancer survivor, bring my cancer journey full circle, " Darryle says. 

"Maybe it takes someone  who doesn’t wear one anymore –to think “outside the bra”– to use my experiences to create a unique spin on what we call Breast Awareness. I call Boobalas  “putting the zest in the breast”—combining a little imagination… irreverence…. and inspiration," Darryle continues. 

But after years of selling locally and by commission Darryle is putting her art online.  She also is giving away $100 worth of Amazon gift certificates as a bonus. "I think you will appreciate Boobalas, which range from imaginative to inspirational and to very irreverent," she says.

How awesome is this:  50% of all profits will go to cancer causes.  Visit Darryle's Boobalas

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