Day 3: New IPhone APP Launches During National Breast Cancer Awarness Month

pink ribbonImage via WikipediaWith October being designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we posting at least one post every day during this month in raising awareness to our readers.  This may include articles of information, promotions, and more.  This is the least we can do.
Faten Abdallah of Connecting Women Media
Do you think you're predisposed to breast or ovarian cancer and want more information from the convenience of your iPhone?  The Previvors, LLC, a group of high risk women who have not had cancer, announce the official launch of their free iPhone application "Previvors." 
With the help of U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman, The U.S. House of Representatives voted last Wednesday to designate the last week of September as "National Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) Week" and September 29th as "National Previvor Day." Previvors are people who have not had cancer but possess a predisposition to developing it, often because they have one of the breast cancer gene mutations known as BRCA1 and BRCA2, or a strong family history with other risk factors.
The application was developed to help raise public awareness of the risks of hereditary cancer and is the achievement of 5 previvors, a group of high risk women who have not had cancer. The Previvors iPhone app offers a simple 7-question quiz for women considering genetic testing for HBOC. The simple quiz guides them through the most common features of HBOC and alerts them if they might be predisposed to breast or ovarian cancer. If risk factors are identified, another benefit of the app is that it provides users access to contact information for doctors, other healthcare providers and mammography facilities.
"Many women are fearful at the prospect of developing breast or ovarian cancer," says Lisa Marton, Managing Member of The Previvors, LLC. "The Previvors iPhone app is simple to use and easily connects high risk women with the resources they need to take control of their health."
Other resourceful information can be accessed through the Previvors iPhone app such as the Previvors book website ( that offers a blog, resourceful links for women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer, and a newsletter to receive additional information on HBOC and Previvor issues.
Marton added, "This mobile app debut coincides with the release of our book Previvors: Facing the Breast Cancer Gene and Making Life-Changing Decisions, written by Dina Roth Port and published by Penguin."
You can download the free Previvors iPhone app:
About The Previvors, LLC:The Previvors, LLC is a group of "previvors" dedicated to providing education and resources to families at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. The Previvor iPhone app provides an easy and safe mobile experience to determine one's risk for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer. For more information, visit

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