Help Avoid Halloween Candy Overload!

74% of moms say their kids are going trick-or-treating this year, which could result in candy overload!  Here are some tips from CafeMom( ) on how to keep the kids from eating too much candy without a battle.

Top 5 CafeMom Tips:
1.       After Halloween night store the candy away someplace the kids can’t reach it and dole it out in portions moving forward- maybe for good behavior or an after dinner treat. Some of our moms even recommend freezing some of the candy – show examples of yummy frozen treats to share later.
2.       Let the kids pick out their favorite pieces and take the rest to the office to share.
3.       Separate the candy into small zip lock baggies and give out the baggies throughout the year. Show the baggies in a lunchbox.
4.       Keep an eye on their bags when you are trick-or-treating and when you feel they have had enough let them know it’s time to head home! – You can avoid the battle- by getting excited with them and mentioning how you can’t wait to get home and see all the good stuff they have!
5.       Give the kids smaller bags to trick or treat with. We can demonstrate the size difference and how less candy looks like more in a smaller bag versus the pillow cases some kids are using.

Source: MomCafe
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