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From picking out the first day outfit to seeing friends after the summer break, the start of a new school year brings much excitement and anticipation. Now with the routines setting in and homework assignments in full swing, we often look for ways to help our kids stay   motivated with their lessons to get ahead or build more self-confidence with their learning to help them do their best. To augment classroom learning, Kaplan, a trusted educational company, offers a highly innovative online learning tool Online Learning Program for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

The Kaplan Tutoring Online Learning Program starts with an assessment to determine your child's math and reading levels, then smoothly customizes a learning plan based on these assessment results. As your child progresses through the program, the material continues to adapt, becoming harder on topics your child masters, and easing back to accommodate struggles so that lessons are always challenging and engaging. Fun, interactive characters and the Reward Zone, where kids can redeem points for prizes, help kids stay motivated to continuously come back and push themselves to learn more. As a parent, you'll also have access to online progress reports so you know it's working.

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