What to Do with Costumes on November 1

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So much time and effort into finding the best costumes- but once the trick-or-treating and parties are over what do you do with them?  69% of moms buy their kid’s Halloween costume, which can create a lot of post-Halloween waste.  Here are a few ideas from CafeMom(www.cafemom.com ) on what to do with costumes after Halloween has come and gone.

·         Donate them to the school’s drama department to be used for future shows. Even if they don’t use the entire costume they can use the materials or mix and match for what they need! (Demonstrate how the props form one costume can be used for something else i.e. a pirate’s sword can be used for Peter Pan)
·         Add them to the “Halloween Box.” When looking for new costumes you would be surprised at the things you can pull together by mixing old costumes! You can also use the box to swap with other kids. (Show a sample box filled with previous costumes)
·         Sell them in a yard sale that following summer- other moms are likely on the lookout for costume deals!
·         Save them for dress up- maybe next year’s birthday party can be a costume party! (Show images of kids at costume party)
·         If you don’t have the space the local thrift shop or good will would love to have them!

Source: CafeMom
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