Glamour's New Body Image Survey

In a stunning new survey done exclusively by Glamour, young women recorded an average of 13 brutal thoughts about their bodies each day (some had as many as 35, 50 or even 100!).   300 women of all sizes from across the country were asked to note every negative or anxious thought they had about their bodies over the course of one full day.  

The results shocked us—97 percent admitted to having at least one “I hate my body” moment.   Some of the comments recorded were, “You’re bigger than her, fatty,” “Your stomach is fat. That is why you are alone,” and “Oh my God, look at her waist and legs! We’re the same height. She looks like a model. I look like a lumpy sock.”   

We need to look at ourselves in a better light.  If not for us, but for other females like our daughters and nieces.

To see the full survey results, click here.

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