Learning The Presidents with Your Children

This is a great activity for kids to learn about the US presidents.  Second graders in my son's school learned this song.

The President Song
(To the tune of: "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians)

Washington, Adams, Thomas Jefferson.
Madison, Monroe, John Quincy Adams.
Jackson, Van Buren, William H. Harrison.
Tyler, Polk and Taylor.

Filmore, Pierce, and James Buchanan.
Lincoln, Johnson, and Ulyssess S. Grant.
Hayes and Garfield, Chester A. Arthur.
Cleveland, Harrison, Cleveland.

McKinley, Roosevelt, William H. Taft.
Wilson, Harding, Calvin Coolidge.
Hoover, Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman.
Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson.

Nixon, Ford, Jimmy Carter.
Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton.
George W. Bush, and now Obama.
Next it will be me!
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