Words Parents Need to Describe Their Kids

Mothers (Fathers, teachers, etc.) need and deserve an expanded vocabulary because, as it stands, there are no words to describe many of the unique and unusual traits, behaviors and ideas they experience with children in their lives.  So Eric Ruhalter, a tireless philanthropist, made words up. Check these out, From The KidDictionary: Words Parents Need To Describe Their Kids.

OODINI (poo-DEE-nee) n : A baby who has learned how to escape from their crib.
FRIENDSOMNIA (frend-SOHM-nee-uh) n : The lack of sleep that occurs at a “Sleepover.”

UPPTITUDE (UPP tih-tewd)  n : The intense desire to be the one who presses the button in an elevator.
DOMESTIC VIOLATION (doh-MESS-tik  VY-o-lay-shun) v :
The potentially lethal mistake of referring to a stay-at-home mom as someone who “does not work.”
TOYPHOON (toy-FOON) n : Routine recreational activities of children that leave their playroom looking like it was decimated by a hurricane.
GARBOFLAGE  (GAHR-boh-flaj) v : To hide a piece of your child’s artwork under other trash in the wastebasket so they don’t catch you throwing it away.
Also, there are funny videos at the website www.TheKidDictionary.com offering more looks inside The KidDictionary

Eric has appeared on Connecting Women Radio.

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