Nation's Katha Pollitt on How Budget Cuts Affect Women

In light of what's happening in Washington DC this week with a looming government showdown and the proposed GOP budget calling for dramatic cuts, as well as what's taking place around the country as states brace for dramatic cuts to public services, Nation Columnist Katha Pollitt examines how these proposed cuts will adversely impact women.

In the piece, Pollitt addresses:

-A huge proportion of working women are employed by government or government contractors, in areas that are facing the most dramatic cuts: education, health care, social services, libraries, legal aid and office work.

--In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to cut $300 millions in human services, which would adversely affect women by cutting domestic violence programs and summer youth employment programs; defund 105 New York City senior centers; cut $7 million in childcare services for welfare recipients; eliminate transitional jobs programs and childcare for low-income college students; and reduce funding for after-school programs as well as the Nurse-Family Partnership home visiting program.
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