"The next Gloria Steinem?" April 19 @ 1 PM ET: Feminist Shelby Knox live chat on POV

The Education of Shelby KnoxImage via WikipediaTHE EDUCATION OF SHELBY KNOX, winner of the Audience Award and Cinematography Award at Sundance, premiered on POV in 2005. The film follows 15-year-old Shelby Knox, a self-described good Baptist Southern girl who becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex education.

This young native of Lubbock, Texas, pledged celibacy until marriage, but because Lubbock had one of the highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the state, she also spearheaded a campaign for comprehensive sex education in the high schools, opposing the established “abstinence-only” curriculum. When the campaign broadened with a fight for a gay-straight alliance club at school, Shelby confronted her parents and her faith as she began to understand how deeply personal beliefs can inform political action.

Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday at 1 pm ET) POV will be hosting a live chat with Shelby, now 24, and the filmmakers, Marion Lipshutz and Rose Rosenblatt. Shelby, who has been called “the next Gloria Steinem” (Marie Claire magazine) travels across the country to promote safe sex education for teenagers.

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