Go Fish with Carla Hall of "Top Chef"

As summer grows near, people are craving fresh and healthy foods more than ever, and swimming at the top of that list is fish! Unfortunately, preparing fish still has many home chefs sunk.

Carla Hall, finalist on “Top Chef” Seasons 5 and 8, is hoping to resolve some of those “fishy” fears with a new video and recipe collection she created with CanolaInfo. Her delicious and nutritious recipes are full of flavor and the videos cast a wide net of “how to” tips that make preparing fish “ticky-boo” easy!

Hall’s video and recipe collection is available at CanolaInfo.org.

In addition, Carla will host a Twitter party from @CanolaInfo on Tuesday, May 17 from 8:30-10 pm EST, when she will discuss her new recipe collection, tips on selecting and preparing fish and more! To join, RSVP at Facebook.com/CanolaInfo and then follow @CanolaInfo and use #GoFish during the party. Door prizes will be given to the first 25 attendees.
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