Inaugural ‘Skin for Life’ Event

Did you know?
May is Melanoma Awareness Month – and sun season means sunscreen season!
It’s not surprising that Melanoma Awareness Month coincides with the spring/summer season, and the height of sun exposure. Although we are all ready to enjoy the summer sun, we should also be aware of a few sun-related health risks:
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. (Source: Robinson JK. Sun Exposure, Sun Protection, and Vitamin D. JAMA 2005; 294: 1541-43.2)
  • Melanoma is the most common form of cancer among women 25-29 years old and the second most common form in adolescents and young adults, ages 15 – 29. (Source: Cancer Epidemiology in Older Adolescents & Young Adults. SEER AYA Monograph Pages 53-57. 2007)
  • Skin Cancer is the most common cancer among men over 50, ahead of prostate, lung and colon cancer. (Source
  • Despite risks and warnings, only 18% of young women wear sunscreen five days a week! (Source: Consumer Reports
  • Recent articles on the increase in Melanoma on the left-side of drivers (in the US) points to the wisdom of using a broad spectrum sunscreen, as UVA penetrates glass. (Source: New York Times)
  • Daily use of sunscreen has a definite impact on Melanoma survival, pointing to a significant reduction (50%) in invasive Melanomas after regular application of broad spectrum sunscreens daily. (Source: Australian study based on 10-year research study by Adele Green, MD and team at University of Queensland).
In honor of Melanoma Awareness Month, Advanced Dermatology will bring together an evening of high-fashion and cutting-edge skin care while it fills a runway with this seasons best wares and novel aesthetic treatments, topical solutions and services. All proceeds will be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
The fashion show will feature top Chicago designers Evlove Intimates, Lara Miller and Borris Powell. Dr. Amy Taub, head of Advanced Dermatology in Lincolnshire, IL and professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School, will be on hand to address summer skin protection, offer skin cancer body checks, and will showcase the leading non-invasive, FDA approved fat buster -Zeltiq.
Zeltiq is a treatment device that cools fat in pockets, flushing it from the body - painlessly. Dr. Taub is one of a very select few physicians to be able to offer Zeltiq – the newest, safest way to help women of all ages get bikini ready.

Join Advanced Dermatology for fashion, skin and body fixes, and more.

When: Wednesday, May 18th
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
6:00 pm Zeltiq demonstration
7:00 pm Fashion Show 
Where:  Viper Alley                                    
275 Parkway Drive - Lincolnshire, IL
Please join Advanced Dermatology at the first-ever ‘Skin for Life’ event
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