Resource: Laundry-Less Worry for moms and dads provides a quick and easy laundry and dry cleaning solution in NYC and Los Angeles (more cities coming soon) for those with very little time or too tired to do their own laundry. 

Using LaundryLocal is a FREE simple three-step process: 

  1. Enter Your Location
  2. Schedule a Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery with LaundryLocal’s pre-screened launderers and dry cleaners in your neighborhood
  3. Confirm and Place Your Order

LaundryLocal then whisks your dirty duds away and their service providers carefully sort, wash, fold, and/or dry clean your clothes and return them smelling fresh and clean.  You can even customize your order with special instructions.

After you place your order, you’ll receive a notification via e-mail.  You can go online, check the order, and securely pay for your services.   There’s even a toll-free number (888-702-WASH) for customer service questions and information. is perfect for:
  • Apartment dwellers
  • Busy moms and dads
  • Single guys who are confounded by laundry soap and separating colors (you know who you are)
  • Professionals on the go
  • Seniors who have done more laundry than they care to remember
  • Anyone looking for more free time!

Washing your clothes has never been so easy or affordable. 
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