Smallville: Superhuman Powers

Imagine being a superhuman.  Wow.  All the things you can do with those powers.  Throughout the Smallville series, we see Clark Kent figure out and further develop his superpowers each season.  Clark's famous powers include heat vision and super speed.  

I find Clark's super speed fascinating.  Super Speed - ("Pilot" Season 1, Ep. 1): The earliest manifested Kryptonian power which allows Clark to move at speeds faster than the speed of light. In Season 1 "Pilot," Clark misses his bus but reveals his super speed when he outruns it through a cornfield.

The power I would love to have is super speed because I would love to save time if I am running behind or some unplanned activity popped up like those emergencies.  I would be able to attend events and obligations without feeling guilty that I had to miss them or not fulfill.  I would feel more accomplished.
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