Donald Faison, Kristen Johnston and Wayne Knight in New TV Land Series

A cute new show from TV Land, premiering Nov. 30 – THE EXES is a comedy about three divorced men—newly single Stuart (David Alan Basche), ladies’ man Phil (Donald Faison), and satirical homebody Haskell (Wayne Knight)—sharing an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney, never-been-married Holly (Kristen Johnston), who also happens to be their landlord.

Some great sitcom stars are getting back in the spotlight with this series (Faison from “Scrubs,” Johnston from “3rd Rock from the Sun,” and Knight of “Jurassic Park” and “Hot in Cleveland” fame), and hilarity is set to ensue all season with such an awkward living situation in place.  

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  1. Donald Faison is adorable and his sense of humor is genuine. I spotted this interview the other day and he lets a reporter grab his butt! No worries though. His fiancee was there, put him in his place and even made him blush! Totally hysterical!



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