7 Must-Have Holiday Apps

Whether it's running to the mall for that last-minute gift for Aunt Phyllis or getting the kids' letters mailed to Santa, the holiday season can get quite hectic! appSmitten makes your life easier with a list of must-have apps that will help you get organized and keep you on budget this holiday season. 
1. Easy Gift List
An easy way to keep track and budget
Easy Gift List 
Why we like it: All those wish lists and present ideas at your fingertipsPut the old-school, easily-lost pen and paper away because this app is definitely the better way to go. It’s very basic but easy to use – create ‘events’ such as a birthday, anniversary, holidays… then add the person (or people) you need to buy for plus your gift ideas.  The app is great because it also lets you set a budget and track your purchases. Now you can have your niece’s and nephew’s clothing and shoe sizes at the ready when you find yourself at the sale rack. Mark the item’s status as  ”bought,” “wrapped,” “mailed,” etc. Now if it could only do the shopping for us…FREE on iPhone: http://appsmitten.com/easy-gift-list
2. Find My Car!

Locate your parking spot
Find My Car!Why we like it: It reminds us of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer loses his car.
Parking at the airport…the shopping mall…the concert arena…can be daunting if you forget to take note of where you parked. Even worse – finding a rental car when you don’t remember what the car looks like! We’ve all been there, walking around in circles.  This app solves the problem by noting where you parked (using GPS) and then leading you back to the car when its time to go home.  It's a brilliant use of our smartphones! 
FREE on iPhone: http://appsmitten.com/find-my-car/
3. Postcards from Santa
Imagine their surprise 
Postcards from Santa
Why we like it: Personalized cheer from the North Pole! Amazing.

Do you remember writing “Dear Santa” letters and being somewhat disappointed that you never heard back? With this app Santa responds with a personal note written on a postcard that is actually delivered by a U.S. Postal Carrier. Choose your Santa image and app will incorporate your child’s name and hometown in the message. It’s free to download, but costs $1.99 to send. They are too darn cute to resist. Just imagine the surprise to anyone who believes in ol’ St. Nick!

FREE on iPhone and Android: http://appsmitten.com/postcards-from-santa/

4. Pinterest
Visual Inspiration


Why we like it: Easy way capture and sort images that inspire you

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? They say it is the fastest growing phenomenon since Facebook. It took us a while to decipher the name, but it basically means Pin your Interests.
How it works: First you create “boards” or files for you to organize your interests. Then pin an image from anywhere on the web – shoes you want, kitchen-remodeling ideas, food or buildings, any kind of beautiful thing that inspires you. Browse other people’s amazing images and re-pin them to your boards. Whether you use them for wish lists or mood boards, you’ll find it is soooo addictive! With the app, you can pin photos you take with your camera. Add a location and others can find the same awe-inspiring places or things. Appy pinning!
5. Fancy
Beautiful things we love

Why we like it: Get inspired by beautiful things
Similar to Pinterest (why don’t they offer an app for Androids??), Fancy offers “ooohhhing and aaaahhhing” opportunities for the visual amongst us. Browse topic categories: Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Pets, Gadgets, Art, Food, Media and note whether you “Fancy” the images or not. Upload your own images for others to view and vote on. It’s like creating your own personal treasure folder (with followers). From innovative and stylish products to awe-inspiring images, you’ll be Smitten with this one.
FREE for iPhone, iPad, Anroid: http://appsmitten.com/fancy

6. Red Laser 
High Speed Comparison Shopping 


Why we like it: You see an item you like but you’re not sure the price is right. Use RedLaser to scan the barcode and it will instantly tell you where else you can find the item and at whatprice including local stores and online retailers.
What can you do with a barcode? In addition to finding your favorite beer, shampoo or diaper brand cheaper, you can even see if your local library branch has a book and whether it is checked out. Don’t have a bar code? No problem. Type the brand you are looking for into RedLaser’s search box and instantly see online and local retailers who have the product, complete with easy access to the store’s web site, phone number and location. Comparison shopping has never been easier or more rewarding.

7. The Find 
Simple, savvy shopping 

The Find

Why we like it: More efficient internet and catalog shopping
We’re all bombarded with mailer coupons, catalogs and online discounts but they never seem to be there when you need them. With the Find, you can scan any barcode to see if another store is offering the same item for less money. Plus, browse hundreds of catalog like J.Crew, Athleta, Godiva or The Land of Nod. It shows you the items visually with prices attached for quick viewing. This app helps you stop the ‘hemming and haawing’ so you can just buy the darn thing already!
About the Brand: 

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