10 Great Tumblr Blogs for News Junkies

Social media has made staying well informed a cinch. Within seconds, you can scan international headlines, domestic news segments, and browse breaking news headlines as they break. And it’s little wonder why: the power of news is a centrifugal force—it’s even given Tumblr, a site once synonymous with the millennial generation and the Ryan Gosling ‘hey girl meme,’ some serious credibility. Whether it’s the Tumblr pages of trusted names in journalism like The Economist and The Atlantic, or more novel news outposts like Brooklyn Mutt and Short Form Blog, news junkies will surely satisfy their cravings by following these 10 news-themed Tumblr blogs as suggested by SocialWebDaily.com :

1. The EconomistSelf-ascribed as “the most trusted source of global news analysis,” The Economist has been delivering noteworthy news pieces since 1843. This Tumblr page aggregates thought-provoking quotes, the week’s cartoon, and curated long-form pieces from the Economist website and the magazine.

2. Short Form Blog: 
Short Form’s motto is: “Read a little. Learn a lot.” This Tumblr is perfect for news junkies on the go. It delivers important news in bite-size nuggets, so you don’t waste anytime reading fluff while trying to keep up with the latest news. Pull quotes and succinct summaries make this Tumblr a must for news advocates who are short on time.

3. Brooklyn Mutt: 
Peter Wade of The Daily runs this catch-all Tumblr blog. The site is primarily concerned with rounding up the latest news—from breaking stories and international headlines, to movie releases, viral memes, celebrity tweets, and more.

4. Neigborhoodr:
 Sometimes quality local news is tough to find. The Neighborhoodr Tumblr blogs are looking to change that with their hyper-localized network of news blogs. Just choose your city from the list and read up on local issues. It’s a great way to stay informed of neighborhood initiatives, events, and more.

5. Journal of a Journalist: 
For true news-philes, this blog by Neil Ungerleider of Fast Company, provides interesting insight into the world of journalism. You’ll find interesting news stories, invaluable commentary, and an awesome sci-fi slant. A great place to find news you didn’t even know you cared about.

6. GOOD:
 GOOD is a great place to stay informed on all things humming in the philanthropic world. Whether it’s the latest efforts to reform education, new findings on gender disparity in the media world, or a think piece on organic wine, you can get all of your humanitarian-focused news here.

7. Future Journalism Project
The Future Journalism Project “explores disruption, opportunity, and innovation in journalism” and it sure does deliver. You’ll find tons of news pieces relating to the current state of journalism—and tons more on what’s soon to come. Whether you’re looking for insight into Patch, Pinterest, or issues affecting journalism, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for on the Future Journalism Project. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date on issues affecting the news industry.

8. Breaking News:
 CNN’s Breaking News has an extremely active Twitter account, Facebook page, and website. So it should come as little surprise that their Tumblr page is yet another great medium to get the latest in breaking news. This clean, streamlined blog shows headline-worthy photos and posts important news from around the globe.

9. The Atlantic
The Atlantic’s Tumblr blog is a perfect antidote to offset the anxious lulls between the magazine’s released issues. It showcases gorgeous photos, provocative quotes, and interesting memes found across the web. It’s a great way to keep up with the publication while you eagerly await the next full issue.

10. Mother Jones:
 Get your MoJo fix in a whole new way, with the Mother Jones Tumblr page. The site features a range of intriguing news bits—from pressing current issues, economic op-eds, and political insights, to viral memes and witty pictures. Plus, if you feel so inclined, you can ask a MoJo editor anything you want using Tumblr’s Q&A feature.

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