Can Meditation Help Women Vets Overcome Sexual Trauma?

In honor of Women's History Month, the David Lynch Foundation is holding a forum hosted by CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien which will explore this question: Medication or meditation: Which is more effective for women veterans battling to overcome the nightmare of military sexual trauma?

The women's forum will discuss research and clinical applications of the Transcendental Meditation technique for abused women veterans, as well as for teenage girls who have been rescued from a life of prostitution, and women and girls who suffer unimaginable horrors in violence-ridden regions in Africa and around the globe.

The other panelists include Tara Wise, executive director of the National Women's Veterans Association of America; Lois Lee, founder and president of Children of the Night; Rita Cosby, Emmy-award winning TV anchor and daughter of a WW II POW; Joni Kimberlin, producer and director of Third Fire Films; and Pamela Shifman, director of Initiatives for Girls and Women NoVo Foundation. 

According to Dr. Peeke, published research shows Transcendental Meditation reduces anxiety, depression, substance abuse insomnia, and impulsive, violent behavior. Research on veterans of the Iraq war found a 50% reduction in symptoms of PTSD among meditating veterans.

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