David Beckham opens up to Women's Health

International soccer star David Beckham opens up in the March issue of Women’s Health about the secret to a successful relationship, his girliest quality, the most impressive thing he can cook, and what he’s singing in the shower.  

When asked…
The secret to a successful relationship is...
David Beckham: “To love and respect one another and work hard. And you always need to give the other person attention and make sure to show them how much you love them.

Being a pro athlete is pretty alpha male. What's your girliest quality?
DB: “I confess—I love a good romantic comedy.

Most impressive thing you can cook?
DB: “Risotto.

Shower tune?
DB: “Any Frank Sinatra song.

Any go-to indulgences?
DB: “My favorite British meal: pie and mash. I also enjoy a good red wine—in moderation, of course! 

To read more about David Beckham's interview, click here.  

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