Grocery Shopping in Dearborn

Part II:

Yesterday, I wrote a post about eating Arabic food in Dearborn, Michigan.  Today, I will talk about grocery shopping for Arabic food items in Dearborn.  Hubby, son and I went to a grocery store called Super Greenland on Warren Ave.

Talk about unbeatable prices in Fruits, vegetables and other items!

Just about any grocery item found in the Middle East, can be found in Super Greenland.  This store doesn't just carry Middle Eastern items, it also carries western items like Nutella, Snickers, and other national brand items.  What caught my attention is the fact that you can buy vegetables or fruits in bulk, literally in a carton.

Some of the items we bought include:

Fresh Almonds

Cactus Pears

Fava Beans


How awesome is this?!  Fresh produce in bulk at very cheap prices.  I mean the zucchini was $0.49 per pound.  Seriously?!  So, if you are in Dearborn, or you are going to Michigan, head on over and experience some grocery shopping--Middle Eastern style.
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  1. We call the cactus pears prickly pears, and the fava beans broad beans. The former grow wild in Malta, and you get them from vendors out in the street (they peel them and you take them and put them in a bag!) - and the beans, when dried and brown, we make them into a hummus-like paste. The zucchini - did you know you can hollow them out, stuff them with minced meat mixture, and cook them in broth and then serve them in the main course?

  2. Tanja, sounds fascinating. I love learning about different cultures and traditions. The Arabs hollow out the zucchini as well, and add a meat mixture too.

  3. Middle east groceries is a grocery store that offer their products online, it making it simple to get those hard to find ingredients with low price.



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