What Makes America Sweet

My family and I  live in a town in Illinois, that doesn't really have any farmhouses or barns, except located right outside of town.  So imagine as we are driving to our appointment today to do our taxes, what catches our attention? A scene that reminds me of a movie called Sweet Land, a lovely movie to watch if you enjoy a historical romance.   Husband tells me that we will be taking photos of these beauties once we return from our appointment.

On our way home, we stopped by the place below and took a couple of pictures.  I am sure we looked like tourists to drivers on the highway (haha).  

We think the owner purposely placed the American made car in front of the barn, as well as a boat on the side.  There aren't any homes next to it.   The area is well kept while the barn is aging. It is as if the owner is trying to tell those who pass by here a message.  Maybe it is a personal one or a critical one.  I interpret it as these are symbols of American history, and we shouldn't forget it.  My hubby thinks it could be a memorial in honor of a loved one.

I say it is open to interpretation.  

What do you say?

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