Fordham Researcher Seeks Individuals Age 100+ for Study

Fordham University
Fordham University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you know anyone who is 100 years or older, there may be a great opportunity to help contribute to the sciences.

Daniela Jopp, Ph.D., of Fordham University, is looking for individuals 100 years and older for her study on life as a centenarian. To date, researchers have spoken to approximately 80 centenarians in New York City and are seeking an additional 20 individuals to participate in the on-going study.

More people than ever reach this very advanced age, yet very little is known about their life situation. Whereas other centenarian studies look at which factors may be responsible for reaching an exceptionally long life, the Fordham Centenarian Study focuses on how centenarians actually live their lives. Specifically, the study considers what things they enjoy, which difficulties they encounter and how they cope with the challenges they face. "We welcome centenarians to share their life experiences and accomplishments, so that we can all learn from them," said Jopp. "We believe the rest of the population has much to learn from these individuals and how they have coped with life's challenges, including the process of aging."

The study is part of a series of studies that investigates the life situation and quality of life of centenarians in several countries, including Germany and Portugal, in order to better understand what is responsible for high-functioning and happiness at a very advanced age. For the ongoing study, Jopp and her team welcome centenarians from the New York Metro area to share their life experience and accomplishments. The study is supported by the Brookdale Foundation and Fordham University.

To participate in the study, please contact: (718) 817-0643 or .

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