Resources on International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day, we have been searching the 'Net for some resources that benefit women.  We hope that you may benefit from these resources, or you can pass them to someone who will. In no order, here are some of the best resources we found online.

  • Kiva: A site where you can lend women in other countries money to start their own businesses.  This is a chance for women to get out of poverty to help themselves and their families.
  • Small Business Administration is a site where where women can find content on business and its related issues.  Need to know how to write a business plan? What should you know about hiring employees?  Be sure to visit the SBA.
  • Dress for Success provides professional wear for women looking for work or are in the workplace.  A woman can get two outfits; one for a job interview and the other to wear to work.  In fact, visit the site to find out where you can donate a suit.
  • Women's Sports Foundation helps promote physical and sports activities awareness to girls and women.  This is a great site 
  • Kickstarter allows you to post your creative venture idea online in hopes of getting financial supporters to make it a dream come true.  There are different categories available.  Be sure to take a look, and be inspired to create or back an idea financially.  No backing is too small.
  • International Museum of Women: An online museum that curates via multimedia  arts, stories and ideas of women globally.  There are also real live events as well.  Be sure to visit it for a little taste of the cultural arts.
  • Women for Women: This organization works with women who are from war torn countries.  Women are given opportunities to learn new skills and training, in hopes of rebuilding their lives with stability through work.
Be sure to list some of your favorite resources.

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