Happy 5th Anniversary eBay Mobile! (Spon)

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60
Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Technology.  Multitasking.  Multitasking with Technology.  

Love it.  Hate it.  They're both here to stay.    Consumers typically shop, read, or search through multiple devices and platforms – whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, starting the task on one device and continuing on another or use multiple devices at once to manage multiple tasks, shopping while watching TV, reading while listening to music, etc.  The list can go on.  I have seen many using their laptops with their smartphones (checking texts periodically) next to them as they are watching TV, while sitting with others in the same room doing the same things.  Is this our culture today?  It seems so.

Multitasking with technology has its pros and cons.  

Some Pros: I have been known to find great deals on eBay on  my Smartphone or laptop. (Did you know there is eBay Mobile?)  Oftentimes, you can save money or be one of the firsts to experience something before others.  

Some Cons: I have been known to walk in the mall, reading texts, checking emails or the latest shopping experience while walking with my hubby and son.  When I realized that, I tried to set limits for myself.  I thought of the Golden Rule: Treat others the way, you would like to be treated.  So when others are not multi-tasking with their pieces of technology, that is an example of myself doing the same.  I want to create memories not make time pass by with a blur.  I am not perfect oftentimes  I will be using my smartphone or my laptop (like I am doing now) in the presence of others.  Are you a multi-device user or do you usually stick to just one at a time?

So in honor of eBay Mobile's Anniversary, there is a Twitter Party:

Date: Wednesday, July 10
Time: 12-1pm PST
Party URL: www.ebay.com/mobile5 (Party URL will be live on the day of the event. Please note: you must participate from the URL to be elegible to win) 

Hashtag: #eBayMobile 
Prizes: $25 eBay gift cards given away every 5 minutes to a Tweeter who has RSVPd below and is actively participating in the party from the above URL.

*FTC disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Splash Creative Media for eBay Mobile. 

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