Review and Contest Information: Maty's Medicine at its Natural Best

I am a person who doesn't like to use medicine.  Not for religious reasons.  It is more for fear of unwanted chemicals in my body.  I worry that medicine has too much chemicals.  So, when I was asked to review Maty's all natural vapor rub, I was kind of cautious because I am not quick to run to medicine for myself, or until I do careful research when it concerns my child.

Maty's all natural vapor rub is just pure awesome.  It is made of pure ingredients, meaning with natural ingredients!  Yes, natural ingredients!!!  I read the ingredients--they were words I can actually pronounce and understand like Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil, and even Vitamin E.  

The vapor rub even has a eucalyptus, wintergreen, and peppermint smell to it as well.  Smells that I and my child can tolerate.   Not that bad chemical smell.

The baby chest rub is good for any child 3 months and older. The chest rub has won 3 awards including the "2013 KIWI Magazine's Best Natural Cold & Flu Products", "2012 National Parenting Publications Award" and "2011 Parent Tested-Parent Approved Award".

Maty's products are more effective and work faster than any cough medicine too.  There as a study done by Penn State University back in 2007 that concluded buckwheat honey was more effective at quieting a cough than dextromethorphan, a popular cough medicine.  Maty loaded their cough syrup with 8-9 other immune boosting ingredients.  People even take the cough syrups daily as an immune booster.

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FTC: I was sent a sample product of Maty's all natural vapor rub to review for compensation.  All opinions are my own.

Online Chore Chart to Motivate Kids

Motivating your kids to do chores is often a battle for some parents.  This may change thanks to a free online chore chart that not only motivates your children but also allows them to earn rewards.  

Children can save their rewards to donate to charity or to spend on toys!  It is as a win-win situation for parents and children.

Signing up for the chore chart is easy:

          1.  Sign-up for MyJobChart
          2.  Assign Chores to Your Kids
          3.  Reward Your Kids for Great Work

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Volunteers Needed in the Philippines for Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief

Philippines Disaster Relief

In the wake of the recent Typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines, Projects Abroad is calling for volunteers to help with valuable typhoon recovery work.
To help in areas that have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan, Projects Abroad is directing resources and efforts in the Philippines toward providing volunteers to help in typhoon relief work in the Philippines through a special Disaster Relief project.
Projects Abroad's Disaster Relief project in the Philippines will focus on areas in the northern part of Cebu Island close to the typhoon's path, including Bogo City, Tabogan, and San Remigio, all of which have been affected by the typhoon.
The main objectives of the Disaster Relief project are to bring educational facilities that have been affected by the typhoon back to working order as soon as possible and to look after local children while their parents help with the clean-up efforts.
It may take several weeks for schools and other care centers for children to receive government help while infrastructure is being repaired. Projects Abroad volunteers will help to bridge this through repair and renovation work at schools and childcare centers and by helping to care for children.
Volunteers can join the Disaster Relief project in the Philippines anytime and stay as long as they can, for a minimum of at least two weeks. Work will start as soon as possible and be ongoing for at least several months. It is preferable to plan to arrive on a weekend so volunteers can start working in teams Monday mornings.
All volunteers will be accommodated with secure and undamaged host families and be supported by full-time local Projects Abroad staff.
For more information on how you can get involved, contact Projects Abroad or


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