Free Download: Happiness: Empowerment and Freedom through Entrepreneurship

Robert T. Kiyosaki
Cover of Robert T. Kiyosaki
The Rich Dad Company has made Happiness: Empowerment and Freedom through Entrepreneurship available for free eBook download  at

Happiness was written by co-founder of The Rich Dad Company and author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time! Kim Kiyosaki as an exploration of the many ways women can benefit from entrepreneurship.

Download Happiness and learn:
-  How entrepreneurship brings both financial rewards and personal fulfillment
-  Why both wins and failures in business cultivate personal growth
-  Why women must “Take Charge” of their money
-  How a change in mindset can change your whole life
-  The importance of surrounding yourself with positive mentors
-  Real steps to turn an idea into a real business

“Women have the ability to take control of their financial future and their lives – I am proof of that!” said Kim Kiyosaki, co-founder, The Rich Dad Company and author, Happiness. “In this book, I share valuable tools for how women can approach becoming entrepreneurs, as well as personal anecdotes about the many, surprising benefits I found on my journey through entrepreneurship – benefits including personal growth, freedom, and ultimate fulfillment.”   

Happiness is available for free download now through July 28, 2014 here

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