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SUBMIT YOUR short films for: Short Food Movie - Feed Your Mind, Film Your Planet

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...
English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color is #d69d36 from the image at http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/flag.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rome (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)
We are excited to share with you news about Short Food Movie, an international contest  promoting  the Italian group, Fondazione Cinema per Roma. We encourage you to check out this project here hosted by the Expo Milano 2015, the Rome Film Festival (October 16 - 25, 2014) and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, in collaboration with the United Nations. 

Do you have a short story or a message you want to share about your experience with food and the environment? Do you love Italy? Do you want to learn about food culture worldwide? If so, participate and create your own short video! 

The Expo Milano 2015 (to which 7 billion people from 144 countries are invited), is calling people all over the world to express their experience with food and the environment in a short video, which will be on display at the Expo Milano, starting from March 2015. The collective mosaic will grow daily, video by video: brick by brick to build a collective "wall" of experiences. In addition, the creator of the video (which can be uploaded until the 10th of September 2014) receiving the most votes will be invited to the Rome Film Festival with their video this October, where their film will be shown and they will be able to interact with other contributors to the festival. 

It's simple: Create your own short video--videos need to be from 30-60 seconds--and they can be created on any device. There's no "wrong way" to make your video, because you can tell your story however you want: in a narrative, in a documentary, silent or with sound, etc. If you upload your video by September 10th 2014, you will have the chance to attend the Rome Film Festival should your video be selected; however, if you want to submit after September 10th through March 31st, 2015 ALL submitted videos will still be included at the Expo 2015.  Please note that, due to the high volume of expected submissions, the videos on display at the Expo will be shown without sound. 

A more complete guide about how to submit your video can be found here, on the Short Food Movie website.  Participants age 16 and up are welcome to participate. If you are 16 and older and would like to create a video, click here to submit. 

If you would like to see an example of a short film which has already been submitted click here to see a short video from Belgium. It has already received 30 votes in only 4 days! 

Remember, early submissions are due by September 10th, 2014. We hope you will participate, and feel free to share with your friends. 

Nominate a Women's eNews 21 Leader 2015

Rita Henley Jensen, Women's eNews' Founder & E...
Rita Henley Jensen, Women's eNews' Founder & Editor in Chief (Photo credit: WeNews)
Women's eNews is proud to extend the invitation to nominate individuals who work  -- personally or professionally-- each day to improve the lives of women and girls around the world to you, our avid readers and supporters.

Submissions of individuals of any race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and age who have made a positive impact on the lives of women are welcome.

Selected Leaders will be honored at the May 2015 Women's eNews 
21 Leaders for the 21st Century Awards Gala.


1. The nominee's name, organization or affiliation, title, e-mail address, phone numbers, fax number, and postal address

2. A brief summary or bio describing how this person has made a lasting impact on behalf of women (attachments and links are welcome)

3. Your relationship to the nominee, and your contact information (name, e-mail address, phone numbers, fax number, and postal address)

SUBMISSION DEADLINESunday, August 31st at midnight EST

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 21 Leaders 2015 Honorees will be announced publicly on our website on January 1, 2015

THE GALA: Additional details regarding the 14th Annual 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Gala, including reservation information, to follow.

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  75% Off Free prescription savings at your pharmacy
  Buy One Slo-Niacin Product, Get One 50% Off


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