Fresh Design Ideas for Summer!

The change of seasons brings about many new aesthetics from clothing style to interior design. If you’re thinking about updating your space this summer, I’d like to introduce you to J Design Group. CEO/Founder Jennifer Corredor has worked on premier projects around the world.

Beyond luxury homes, J Design Group has been responsible for the sensational interiors of hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, corporate facilities, casinos, and resorts on an international scale. They have accumulated many prestigious accolades including the Best of Houzz 2015 award in Design and Client Satisfaction.

Read the interview with Jennifer.

Faten (FA): How should one get started without feeling overwhelmed?
Jennifer Corredor (JC):  If one is concerned about being overwhelmed, this could be achieved by doing room by room, so as not to feel the effects of pressure. However, the design as a whole should be done on the onset so that the design overall at the end will flow.

FA:  What are some must have pieces that should be in a living space?
JC: One very important piece of furniture that is always necessary is to have is a comfortable sofa that one can enjoy and relax.

FA: What are some tips on updating for those on a budget?
JC: Always remember designing these days that there is an array of products that are very well priced and it can be more easily achieved and cost effective.
Having the space plan is a must before purchasing or making any decisions.

FA: Which celebrity did you update their space? 
JCWe have designed homes for several celebrities, though our clients are very private and prefer not to be mentioned.

 For additional information or to schedule a design consultation, visit

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