Craft Idea: Sports Pennants Banner

Sportsboy loves baseketball, baseball and soccer.  He plays on teams.  This year, he will actually get to try out for school teams because he is entering 7th grade.  He's excited.

So I bought these 30 professional basketball team pennants (NBA teams) for Sportsboy's room.  However, they didn't come connected.  Of course thanks to Pinterest, I was looking at some pinspirations.  (Follow me on Pinterest). For the finished project, I took pictures with my iPhone because my son was excited the banner looked pretty cool, and I didn't want to take out my camera. 

I decided to connect the pennants together with burlap twine and glue, and a little bit of tape for sturdiness.  Sportsboy helped as well.

Once we were finished, Sportsboy and I took the banner to his room and hung it above the doorway and his closet.  

Looks pretty nice. 

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