Paying It Forward--Starbucks Style

My mom and my son were running errands this morning when they called me to see if hubby and I wanted Starbucks.  I had said yes.  About 20 minutes, later, my son called with awe and said another customer had paid their order which included two medium and one small coffee with coffee bag of Verona.  My son was amazed at how a random stranger had told the barista in the drive thru to pay for the next person.

This was a great teaching moment for my son.  I had asked him how he felt when that happened, he said that him and my mom were shocked and felt good about the unexpected surprise.  I also reminded my son that there are still good people out there.  He agreed.  My mother was very happy as well because she didn't expect the stranger's kindness at all.

I know some might say, it's just coffee that was paid what's the big deal.  The paid  coffee is actually a bonus in my opinion.  The real reward is the thoughtfulness of the stranger.  Doing something nice to people who they don't even know.

So, I want to thank you kind stranger for making my mother and son happy.  I also want to thank you for showing my son the kindness of random people.  Guess who will be paying it forward next time?

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