Walking Wednesday: Walk Your Problems Away

Walking is good physically, mentally and emotionally.  Even spiritually.  

The other day I read How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain.  This article made me think about my own walking activities on the walking path in my town.  During the past few weeks, my mother, friends and myself have met on the walking path and walk 2.5 miles for the next 50 minutes. Sometimes, we would talk with each other, and sometimes we would be deep in thought, reflecting about our daily lives.  When deep in thought, at times, I come up with ideas and projects to start, or solve issues.  

 When I am personally reflecting, I observe nature.  I study the majestic trees, listen to birds calling, rabbits hopping across fields.  There is a sense of harmony, a balance. It is evident to me that God exists and giving us signs that things will balance out.   Being surrounded by nature helps a person forget about their daily "noise" or concerns.  Something about nature soothe's a person.  That's when I realize everything will be ok. 

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