HuffPost Women: 48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone)

Earlier this month, HuffPost Women's viral video "48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)" showed the subtle sexism women are subjected to throughout their lives. However, since sexism doesn't exist in a vacuum, the same team is turning the idea around with a new video entitled "48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone)."

This video shows that the messages men (young and old) hear - "be a man!" "boys don't cry!" "pink is a girl's color!" - all boil down to the same idea: "don't be a woman." Telling men they're not "real men" unless they're tough, financially successful, strong and authoritative not only hurts those that don't fit into these confined parameters but hurts women too. 

The cycle of sexism will never end if we continue to equate traditionally "feminine" qualities as "bad." To hear from the men themselves check out HuffPost Women's video here .  

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