Join NHTSA's Twitter Chat to spread the word about Tweens and seat belts - March 12

Parenting a tween involves compromise. But here’s one rule that’s not up for debate – the car doesn’t move until everyone is wearing a seat belt. If you say it, and if parents buckle up themselves, your tween will buckle up. And if they don’t, that’s a fight worth having. It might just save your tween’s life.
Over the past 5 years, 1,609 kids ages 8-14 were not wearing seat belts when they died in a crash - one in four were age 14. As children get older they’re less likely to buckle up. Our “Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up” campaign aims to put an end to this trend – but NHTSA needs your help.
On March 12, NHTSA will hold a Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up Twitter Chat to help spread the word to parents about the need to wear seat belts. During the chat you can question NHTSA experts, engage with your followers, and help ensure that tweens grow up to become young adults and safe drivers. We’ll also have terrific videos, banners, and other tools you can use to spread this lifesaving message far and wide.
Who: NHTSA and Our Team of Experts
What: Tween “Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up” Twitter Chat (follow along at #kidsbuckleup  and #tweens)
When: Thursday, March 12, 3-4pm Eastern
How: Use hashtags #kidsbuckleup and #tweens when the chat is about to start to join in the conversation. Feel free to mention @NHTSAGov in any of your tweets and NHTSA will get back to as many of your questions or comments as they can! Remember to include the hashtags #kidsbuckleup and #tweens in your comments so others can follow the conversation.
 Let your friends  know the dangers of failing to wear a seat belt and that parents are an essential part of protecting their kids by insisting on seat belt use at all times and by sending the right message by always wearing seat belts themselves 

Drift Stealth 2 / Portrait of a Writer: Josephine Cruz

twenty2b have teamed up with sponsor Drift Innovation to nominate inspiring women from all over the world to tell their stories with a Drift Stealth 2 wearable camera for their initiative, ‘The Portrait Project’. This week’s portrait shows the world what inspires freelance writer, Josephine Cruz who started her career at the tender age of 12 and has since contributed to Vice Magazine, Complex Magazine, and ‘Chicken Soup for The Soul’ to name a few. 

 This segment of #ThePortraitProject gives us a never before seen look at the life of a lover for the written word. Josephine Cruz uses her Drift Stealth 2 wearable camera to give a glimpse of the late nights and early mornings involved with being a writer as well as the constant need to produce excellence in her work. “I think you have to do what you love to do in life because it is such an uphill battle you might as well spend it fighting for something you believe in,” says Josephine.

 Every other Tuesday ‘The Portrait Project’ will be releasing a short two-minute mini doc visually portraying the career, thoughts, and life of an inspiring 21st century woman who has been nominated to show the world what keeps her going.



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