Give home accents a facelift with tips from upcycling expert

 After a long winter, spring is finally here – a great excuse to liven up spaces with a fresh twist on ho-hum home accents. From art décor to organization, now is the perfect time for your readers to jumpstart those fun, resourceful DIY projects they’re always pinning but forever putting off.
The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ campaign recently teamed up with upcycling aficionado and blogger Dinah Wulf from DIY Inspired to craft five non-intimidating ways to transform living areas using common household items and some paper and packaging magic:
Coffee Filter Paper Flowers
  1. Shoebox Lid Wall Art – Use the lid of a shoebox as a paint canvas. Spray the lid with primer and then paint the lid in the color of choice. Use stencils to create unique artwork.
  2. Drawer Organization – Cut the bottoms of food boxes so they are approximately two and a half inches high. Wrap each bottom with decorative paper and use them inside drawers for organization. Use different-sized boxes to organize pencils, pens and paper clips.
  3. DIY Map Lampshade – Paper maps are great for upcycling home décor accents like lampshades. Cut the map to the desired shape and size, and use decoupage medium to cover the shade.
  4. Coffee Filter Paper Flowers – Pinch the center of a coffee filter upwards to create a bunch. One by one, add three more until one full bunch has four coffee filters. Use a child-sized hair band to tie the “stem” together. Cut out flower petals out of old book pages and glue them to the flower, then use a dowel rod to create a sturdy stem.
  5. DIY Napkin Rings – Cardboard tubes should never be thrown away! Cut a tube into two-inch-thick pieces. Paint them your favorite color, then glue a shell or a flower on top for spring.

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