Why Women Entrepreneurs Need to Raise Girl Entrepreneurs | Julie Gordon-...

I love the world of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurs tend to be individualistic yet appreciate society as a whole.  They show the world their ideas, and they act upon them--not afraid of failing or making mistakes.  If they fail, they may cry for two seconds, and then either rework the concept or jump to another concept, and try again.  Entrepreneurs are risk takers--mostly likely calculated risk takers.  They are passionate about their ideas, their dreams.  They are doers.  They research and build their concept into a reality. 

 We need more women to be entrepreneurs. 

Even if you don't have daughters, watch this video because you may have nieces, sisters and cousins.  By empowering and encouraging girls to think entrepreneurially, they are being taught to be strong, independent and confident in themselves and their identities.  

Raise a girl entrepreneur and watch her rise as she becomes a woman.   


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