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Stand Up To Cancer’s multi-network broadcast is quickly approaching on September 10, 2010.  We wanted to find a way to allow people to be engaged and experience the show as not only a viewer, but as an active participant. So to help spread the spirit of collaboration, Stand Up To Cancer is encouraging supporters to organize or attend local SU2C Meetups everywhere September 10th using Meetup's new Meetup Everywhere platform.

With 7.2 million users and more than 5 Million Meetups to date, Meetup allows people to gather and connect. We want YOU to visit<>, and join or start a Stand Up to Cancer Meetup near you!

Signing up for a SU2C Meetup is free and easy. Here's how you can see if there is a Stand Up To Cancer Broadcast Meetup happening near you:

- Join the SU2C Meetup going on in your town, help choose a great location to share watching the Broadcast Show with your local community.

- You should see a list of local events gathering to watch the SU2C Broadcast show on September 10, 2010. If a Stand Up To Cancer Broadcast gathering is not in a place near you, please feel free to start one.

- Be sure to invite your friends and spread the word!

As a bonus, you can check in with Facebook Places while attending your local Meetup to lend SU2C even more support! As a Stand Up to Cancer media partner, Facebook has generously offered to support SU2C's Facebook page with additional awareness for each check in at the first 20 SU2C Meetups to drive more awareness for the events on September 10th.

At a Stand Up To Cancer Broadcast Meetup, we hope you’ll share your stories, honor those who’ve been affected by cancer and watch the landmark show. We hope that Meetup offers you the chance to make connections and build friendships with those whose lives have been touched by cancer so that we can all stand up as one.

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